Powerful Alone, Better Together.

Companies often assume that by keeping their eDiscovery and Review teams separate, they improve the product. In practice, the opposite is true. Here are five important reasons eDiscovery & Review work better together.

Ongoing back-and-forth communication between multiple parties is time-consuming and costly. We’ve been on both sides of the equation, and know that it is one of the biggest factors slowing down the review process. We’ve done just eDiscovery, just Review, and we’ve done both — there is no comparison. When the eDiscovery and Review teams work together as one, every aspect of communication is easier and more accurate. By having a single point of contact between technology, review, outside counsel, and the client, questions are answered quickly, issues get resolved, and the process moves along without friction.

When our team is responsible for managing processing through production, we learn the specifics of your data and how it relates to your business. By combining this familiarity with the latest and most powerful technology, our seasoned experts can minimize the learning curve for each project to deliver a better result under tight deadlines.

The accumulation of institutional knowledge fosters the development of innovative workflows. As our team becomes more familiar with your business, we gain greater insight into the data itself. From reusing previously processed data and streamlining privilege screens to integrating standarized workflows and creating industry and company reference materials, we improve the process instead of reinventing the wheel.

Defensibility requires a proven and meticulously documented process. When technology and review are handled by the same team, we close the knowledge gaps between each function. We can then produce a fully detailed defensibility binder to memorialize the entire operation from start to finish.

Improved communication, more efficient processes, higher levels of innovation, and complete defensibility all add up to one thing: lower cost to you.