Taking the Hassle out of Subpoena Response

3rd party subpoenas are costly and time consuming. We can help by providing a seamless hand-off from your team to ours and a process that minimally effects your daily operations

Collection:  We will manage the entire collection work-flow. A combination of remote, on-site, cloud and third party tools are used to set up data collection.

Once we have the data, we make sure that only those records that match the subpoena requirements are reviewed for production. We create timeline reports by custodian, analyze keyword hits, thread emails and remove duplicates. Our proven techniques usually eliminate between 40 & 90% of collected records, which means less to review, and dramatic cost savings for our clients.

Reviewing and Production: 
When the data is ready, we quickly assemble a team at one of our review centers or the client’s preferred location. Our review process has been relentlessly optimized into one that minimizes cost and maximizes defensibility. Your records are sorted by relevance, confidentiality, and privilege. Finally, they are produced in any format you may require.