Supporting Our Vital Research.

Much of our nation’s most important scientific research is conducted by universities. Commercialization of that research, especially when private sector funding is involved, takes thoughtful negotiation. That’s where we come in. Our unique program matches invested attorneys with vital research programs to facilitate and maximize smooth delivery of innovation at the highest levels. It’s one of the many ways we’re improving the way legal solutions are delivered.

An Ongoing Initiative
Entrusted Advisors has placed numerous professionals in seconded and permanent positions with nationally and globally recognized research universities throughout the U.S.

Expertise on Demand
Our professionals have a background in law (typically JD, practicing attorney, or practicing paralegal) combined with an interest in the unique function and mission of a research institution. They are able to support multi-faceted, diverse projects by combining legal training with backgrounds in wide-ranging fields such as academia, hard science, export controls, non-profit operations, etc.

Invested in the Result
We place key team members who specifically protect the interests and intellectual property rights of universities and their researchers. In negotiating agreements necessary to the performance of research and dissemination of information, our professionals are able to spot issues, resolve potential conflicts, and ensure compliance with federal, state, and international regulations. We’ll help you keep the research engine running.